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Below you will find 10 Niches that are perfect for the Simple Traffic Blueprint strategy. 

I give you examples of channels that are using these Niches to MAKE MONEY and explain the fastest way to get started.

We are also including 10 KEYWORDS  for your videos to get you started straight away.

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NICHE #1. Excel

Example Keywords

  • Excel Tutorials
  • Excel tutorial
  • Excel tutorial bangla
  • Excel tutorials intermediate
  • Excel tutorial for beginners
  • Excel tutorial formulas
  • Excel tutorials free online
  • Excel tutorials pivot tables
  • Excel tutorials 2020
  • Excel tutorial advanced
  • Excel tutorials for dummies

NICHE #2. WordPress

Example Keywords

  • WordPress Tutorials  
  • How to use wordPress
  • WordPress tutorial for beginners
  • WordPress tutorials 2020
  • WordPress beginners guide
  • WordPress tutorials step by step
  • Best wordPress plugins
  • WordPress tutorial for beginners 2020,
  • Best wordPress themes

NICHE #3. Low Content/Self Publishing

Example Keywords

  • Self-publishing book tutorials,
  • Self publishing
  • Amazon self publishing
  • How to publish a book on amazon
  • How to self publish a book
  • How to self publish
  • How to self-publish your first book
  • Step-by-step tutorial for beginners
  • Print on demand book companies
  • kdp publishing

NICHE #4. Powerpoint

Example Keywords

  • How to use Powerpoint
  • Powerpoint tutorials
  • Powerpoint tutorials for beginners
  • Powerpoint tutorials 2020
  • Powerpoint tutorial advanced
  • Powerpoint tutorial animation
  • Powerpoint animation tutorial
  • Advanced Powerpoint animation
  • Powerpoint for dummies

NICHE #5. Software

Example Keywords

  • Software Tutorials for Beginners
  • Computer Software Tutorials For Beginners
  • Software Engineering Tutorials For Beginners
  • Software Testing Tools Tutorials For Beginners
  • Software Testing Tutorial For Beginners,
  • Software Testing Tutorials For Beginners
  • Best Software To Use For ..........
  • How To Use " Choose Software"

NICHE #6. Digital Art

Example Keywords

  • Digital art tutorial
  • Digital art tutorial beginners
  • Digital art tutorial photoshop
  • Digital art tutorial ibispaint x
  • Digital art tutorial clip stud
  • How to start digital art
  • Learn digital painting
  • Digital painting techniques
  • Digital painting tutorials
  • Digital drawing tutorial

NICHE #7. Blockchain / Cryptocurrency

Example Keywords

  • Cryptocurrency Tutorials
  • Cryptocurrency tutorial
  • Cryptocurrency tutorial for beginners
  • Beginners guide to cryptocurrency trading
  • Trading crypto for beginners
  • Blockchain Tutorials
  • Blockchain tutorial for beginners
  • Blockchain tutorial 2020
  • Blockchain tutorial YouTube

NICHE #8. Make Money From Home

Example Keywords

  • Make money from home tutorials
  • How to make money online 2020
  • Make money on YouTube fast
  • YouTube affiliate marketing for beginners
  • Make money from home
  • Make passive income
  • Make money on the internet
  • How to make money on the internet
  • How to make internet money
  • How to make money with your phone
  • Making online passive income

NICHE #9. Natural Cure Tutorials

Example Keywords

  • Natural cures
  • Natural cures for diabetes
  • Natural cures for arthritis
  • Natural cures for depression
  • Natural cures for anxiety
  • Natural cures for haemorrhoid’s
  • Natural cures for psoriasis
  • Natural cures for acid reflux
  • Natural cures for high blood pressure YouTube
  • Natural cures for high blood pressure

NICHE #10. Apple Mac / Windows

Example Keywords

  • Windows tutorial,
  • Windows tutorial 10,
  • Windows tutorials for seniors
  • Windows tutorial for mac users
  • Windows 10 tutorial for beginners
  • Apple Mac Tutorialss
  • Apple mac tutorials for beginners
  • Apple mac tutorials YouTube
  • Apple mac tutorials free
  • Apple mac tutorials 2020


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