My Exclusive RHIMS 4.0 BONUS:

Included For Every Customer Who Purchase RHIMS 4.0:

BONUS #1 - Affiliate Promotion Checklist - $47

The Affiliate promotion checklist, is am interactive document that allows you to track all of the tasks needed to complete your killer promotions. It is packed full of great resources including workbooks and videos. I will be updating this on a regular basis all you need to do is Click This Link to Access.

BONUS #2 - Affiliate Promotion Case Study - $67

In this case study I will show you exactly how I setup my promotions. You will see everything from the funnel to the pages and email automation setup. I will use JayKays RHIMS 4.0 workbooks to show how to gather all of the information needed to run a successful promotion. 


Connect with me using the links below and we will arrange to get your chatbot installed.

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