RHIMS 4.0 JayKayDowdell Review


RHIMS 4.0 by Jaykay Dowdall Review

By Richard Darby

One of the biggest issues for any beginner affiliate marketer is trying to learn how to put togther the most effective funnels for their promotions.

There are so many questions! Where do you start? What type of pages should you use? How do they all connect?

Most newbies either direct link to a product salespage OR use the wrong type of "warm up" pages and get little or no results.

Introducing JayKay Dowdall's RHIMS 4.0

RHIMS 4.0 by JayKay Dowdell solves this problem. Inside you will find an "affiliate toolkit" which will help you plan,develop,and execute you affiliate funnels.

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RHIMS 4.0 is the fourth addition of the "Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff" series.

In this edition you will get a full affiliate toolkit which includes over the shoulder tutorials,explainers and detailed workshops which show you exactly how to put together the various elements of different types of sales funnel .

This training really dives deeply into the differnent types of pages that you can create for your funnels and gives real insight into which of them are the most effective in different situations.

In this review I will give you a detailed look inside the product and show you all of the resources and bonuses included.

What is RHIMS 4.0 About?

There are 10 modules which show you different types of pages and funnels that you can use. The training in each module is very detailed and includes.

  • Writing Headlines
  • Designing Sales Videos
  • Creating effective emails
  • Capturing Leads

The focus of the training is to help beginner affiliate marketers learn how to first design your funnels then be able to build the differentt types of pages needed to capture your leads and convert them to buyers.

The additional resources JayKay provides include workbooks,script wrting tools ,email templates and headline creators 

JayKays clear step by step and detailed approach ensures you have everything you need to start building your funnels immediately.

Who is JayKay Dowdall

Jaykay has been an affiliate marketer for the last 15 years.

Hes made $100,000s in commissions in multiple niches and is seen as a expert in the field.

One of his biggest attributes is the quality of products and training he creates. Hes had many top performing products on platforms like Warriorplus and really is a vendor/creator that can be trusted.

The RHIMS series is the latest in a great set of top quality products including 

  • Auto Profit Daily
  • Evolution
  • FB Master's Program
  • Destiny
  • Funnelize
  • RHIMS 1- 4 Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff

JayKay loves to create top quality trainers to help others build affiliate marketing businesses online.

Who Is This Training For?

This training is perfect for every level of affiliate marketer and anyone who wants to learn how to build effective funnels and pages for their business.

Even if you have no experince this product is packed full of great resources to give you a real headstart online.

Is This Training Any Good?

I really like this training. As with all Jaykay products its is very detailed and packed full of amazing resources. The bonuses alone are worth  the front end price. As usual he over delivers here as the ammount of knowledge you will gain is massive.

In the next section i will take you inside the product and help you undertand exaclty what you get.

Here are the modules inside RHIMS 4.0

1 - Welcome to RHIMS 4.0

In this module you will find a welcome video from JayKay and an overview of the course and resources.

2 - Choosing Your Offer Workbook

Use this workbook to save and compare the details of affiliate offers you're considering promoting.

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download

3 - Optins: Squeeze Page Workbook

Use this workbook to save and compare the details of affiliate offers you're considering promoting.

3 videos.

  • Squeeze Page Overview 
  • Squeeze Page in Your Funnel
  • Squeeze Page Workbook

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download

4 - Optins: Lead Magnet Workbook

How to plan and execute your lead magnet.

3 videos explaining the 3Ps to a Great Lead Magnet

  • Squeeze Page Overview
  • Squeeze Page in Your Funnel
  • Squeeze Page Workbook

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download
  • Templates.

5 - Landers: Bridge Page Workbook

This modules covers the basics of what is a bridge page , where it fits into your funnel with examples and a step by step tutorial showing how to build one.

3 videos.

  • Bridge Page Overview
  • Bridge Page in Your Funnel
  • Bridge Page Workbook

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download
  • Video Script Templates.
  • Teleprompter Apps

6 - Landers: Advertorial Workbook

This is a full overview of Advertorial pages and explains when you should use them and how to build them.

2 videos.

  • Advertorial Overview
  • Advertorial  Workbook

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download
  • Sample
  • Templates 

7 - Landers: VSL Lander Workbook

Discover if the VSL Lander is a good tool for you to use.

2 videos.

  • VSL Lander Overview
  • VSL Lander Workbook

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download

8 - Landers: Quiz Lander Workbook

Is the quiz lander a good fit for your affiliate offer?

3 videos.

  • Quiz Lander Overview
  • Quiz Lander in your Funnel
  • Quiz Lander Workbook

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download

9 - Landers: Written Pre-Sell Workbook

Should you use the Written Pre-Sell? What is the one-page lander?

3 videos.

  • Written Pre-Sell Overview
  • Quiz Lander in your Funnel
  • Quiz Lander Workbook

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download
  • Sample
  • Templates

10 - Email Templates

This section covers two types of email designs. The AIDA framework and the Storysell. 

3 videos.

  • AIDA Email Workbook
  • Storysell Email Workbook

Additional Resources:

  • Workbook Download
  • Sample Emails

11 - RHIMS 4.0 Bonuses


$9,000 Affiliate Launch-Jack Case Studies...
2x CASE STUDIES: 580+ Affiliate Sales & $9,000 in Commission.

The Automated Sales Funnel: How Robots Grew a $6,000/mth Membership While I Slept...

59 "Swipe-Ready" Headline Templates...
This swipe file helps you create attention-grabbing headlines on-demand.

Traffic Training: How to Launch a Full List-Building Campaign For Pennies Using Cheap Microsoft Ads.

30 Minute 1-on-1 Strategy Session


Are There Upgrades/OTOs Available

There are three upgrades/One-time-offers available after you buy the front end training. They are:

Front End Training - RHIMS - $17

Increasing to $47 aftet the launch period.

RHIMS 4.0 is the fourth in JayKay Dowdall's RHIMS series (Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff). In this edition of RHIMS, students will be provided with over-the-shoulder tutorials, explainers, and workshops explaining how to create various elements of an affiliate funnel that lead to higher sales and conversions.

OTO 1 -  Inboxxr - $1 7 Day Trial ($29.95/MTH)

Inboxxr is Jaykays personal email marketing membership program which teaches students how to create sales emails, engaging content, and more.

OTO 2 - RHIMS 3.0 - $27

RHIMS 3.0 Is all about The Path to Conversion and how any affiliate marketer can take completely cold traffic and warm up those visitors to increase sales conversions for any offer.

OTO 3 - Funnelize - $47

Funnelize is one of the top-selling funnel trainings ever sold on WarriorPlus. With over 3,000 members currently, and less than 2% refunds. Funnelize covers the 8 most popular funnels in digital marketing; including webinar registration funnels, affiliate marketing funnels, local-marketing funnels, and more.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee

Yes,JayKay has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any issues he will give you your money back no questions asked.

My Exclusive Bonuses

RHIMS 4.0 Bonuses

My Overall Conclusion

My overall conclusion about RHIMS 4.0 is that for anyone interested in building a business online and using Funnels you have to get this product. It is amazing value and packed full of great resources. This will save you so much time and give you some great ideas for your own pages.

The training is complete, honest and to the point. You are not sold any fluff or misleading information. You'll gain a clear understanding of how to create profitable and highly converting sales funnels in each tutorial.

Let me know if you have any questions below and I'll be in touch as soon as possible! I hope you enjoyed reading my honest review!

Richard Darby

Blogger and Youtuber who loves to help others build their own business online.

Richard Darby

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