Hello! I’m Richard. I’m 49 years young, married to a beautiful wife and have two wonderful kids.

I started training as an aircraft technician when I left school. This progressed to working in a factory for 23 years . I then had a completely different job working at home for a large marketing firm. This gave me the taste for the flexibility and freedom working virtually gives you.

For several years I have tried to make a residual income online with virtually no success.

I’ve jumped from the latest thing to the next latest thing of shiny so-called marketing tools and systems, which for one reason or another promise loads yet produce very little or nothing at all. I have lost count of the wasted money and products I have purchased seeking this goal and all they seem to have done is distract me rather than move me forward. Focus has always been an issue, too much choice maybe.

I called it quits!!!

That was until i came across a marketer called Philip Barrowman , he simplified the whole process for me and i could finally see a way forward.

I thought that’s it im going to give this one more go , but this time I will take it seriously and concentrate on one thing.

Since then i havent looked back. I now love coaching others to finally get the results they want online.

If you ever need my help in anyway  just let me know.

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